Can probiotics improve the health of children?

Yes, probiotics can help children maintain and protect their digestive health and help develop their microflora.

What are probiotics?

The word itself comes from the Greek meaning “for life”. Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria that live in our digestive track and help maintain and protect gastrointestinal health.

What are prebiotics?

PREBIOTICS encourage the growth of the existing good bacteria in your gut and possibly stimulate the growth of probiotics. As a result, they will help to favor an optimal gastrointestinal health.

What is a CFU?

CFU stands for Colony-Forming Units. The number of CFU is high (often in the billions) to ensure that the microorganisms are still alive when they get to your gut.

What is a strain?

STRAINS refer to the origin of the live microorganisms contained within the probiotic itself and they are usually accompanied by a long Latin name. Each strain offers a different health benefit and combining complementary strains helps to target the overall desired benefit of the probiotic.

Why should I take probiotics?

In your body, the majority of bacteria are located in your gut. They are a part of a healthy human ecosystem and help the body function properly.

Probiotics help:

- digest food
- control movement in your gut
- support overall digestive and gastrointestinal    health

Probiotics compliment your body’s natural collection of both good and bad bacteria to keep your gut healthy and balanced.

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